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Organic sleep begins with a natural sleeping surface. Studiesshow that better sleep is achieved on a natural sleep surface. Babies’ bodies are hard at work to grow and develop, and they do tend to sleep a lot...at all different hours. Whether you have an organic mattress or not, use this topper to create a natural, safe & chemical-free sleeping surface for your little one.

Deep, Safe and Natural Sleep

It is very important to create a natural sleeping surface for a baby. If a non-organic mattress is being used, we highly recommend a topper to put some distance between your baby and the non-organic mattress, which by law contains fire retardant chemicals that have proven to be ill for our bodies to ingest or breathe in. Wool does not ignite, so it is a natural fire retardant to boot.

Our signature topper is approximately 1" thick and is recommended for infants over 3 months of age. Designed to work with organic or non-organic mattresses, we’ve also attached sturdy cotton elastic straps so your topper stays securely in place. Right where it should be...under your sleeping baby.


  • To protect all mattresses & toppers we recommend using a puddle pad. This thick felted layer of barrier wool lays flat on top and is secured in place by the fitted sheet. Using puddle pads is an excellent natural way to protect against everyday accidents and spills.





This Product Uses The Following Raw Materials:

Wool Batting
Made with Premium Eco-Wool™ our famous blend sourced directly from about 20 family farms in Oregon & California, USA. It is the nicest wool we have ever seen- incredibly clean, dust free and virtually vegetable matter free. 

Growers participate in our Sustainable Wool Program, managing their flocks in a humane, chemical-free, and environmentally thoughtful manner. The vast majority of our products are built with this wool.

This is our signature wool blend- it is the cleanest highest-quality wool available. Grown and produced with care, this wool batting is chemical-free from sheep to finish.

  • Made of Premium Eco-Wool™ Batting
  • Sourced from USA, West Coast
  • Produced in accordance with our Sustainable Wool Program
  • Read more about our Local-Eco Wool

Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric
Our organic cotton sateen has almost a liquid softness it. It’s lightweight (4.5 oz/sq yd), with an approx. 300 thread count.
In commitment to local sourcing, we are proud to announce we will begin to offer a USA grown and milled organic cotton sateen in 2015. 

  • -Made of 100% certified organic cotton
  • Grown and woven in India
  • 4.5 oz. of organic cotton in each yard
  • Milled in the USA

Product Specifications


  • Premium Eco-Wool™ batting
  • Organic cotton fabric cover
  • Dimensions & Wool Weights:
    • Crib Size 28” x 52”, 1.5 lbs, cotton elastic straps

Your Baby and Wool

Of course you want the softest, safest, cleanest, most natural materials right next to your baby. That's what we want for our children too.

What if my baby is allergic?

Many times babies and adults are actually allergic to the chemicals and fire retardants in bedding, rather than the materials themselves.

We do not use any chemicals in the processing of our wool. There is no carbonization (wool dipped in a chemical bath) whatsoever.

Our sheared wool is washed with a biodegradable soap and rinsed several times in scalding hot water before going to the mill to be carded. It's actually the cleanest wool available on the market. Seriously - and we've seen it all.

Isn't wool scratchy?

Some wools are, but not all of them. Two factors contribute to itchy wool:

1. the grade of wool (coarse to fine), and 
2. Carbonization chemical processing.

So to address both factors:

1. Our wool is a snuggle soft medium-fine grade wool. It's inherent loft makes it an ideal wool blend for bedding. 
2. Our wool is never carbonized. EVER



What is Carbonization of Wool?

Carbonization is a type of scouring, or cleaning, that employs a chemical bath.


The Chemical Bath

The bath includes Hydrochloric Acid, to be specific, plus other chemicals. In some 
cases, for recycled wool, carbonization also includes an additional bath in Sulfuric Acid to remove dyes.


We’re not doing it. 
Though it’s common industry practice for cleaning wool, at Holy Lamb Organics, we 
refuse to do it. And we don’t work with those who do.

We feel the chemicals are:

? harmful
? don’t fit in our realm with our position as a naturalbedding manufacturer
? damaging to the final wool fibers

We Still Use the Cleanest Wool, Naturally

“How?” you may ask.

The wool processed at our trusted mill is scoured many times with hot water and special soap, like many other mills do.

But this is the difference: our wool carded several more times at our mill.

Carding, is a sort of “brushing” process that does two things:

1. it loosens and releases any additional debris, dirt or vegetable matter from the wool, without stripping the fiber or removing the lanolin.

2. it shifts the wool fibers so they are all “running” in the same direction. (Like you might imagine fish that are all swimming in the same direction).

This makes for a beautifully smooth wool batting for us - and optimal natural bedding products for you.

Our mill uses time-honored, non-chemical cleaning processes and has the cleanest wool we’ve seen offered. And, trust us, we’ve looked.

Itchy Wool

Have you ever tried on a wool sweater that was so incredibly itchy-scratchy you couldn’t wait to take it off? This is, in part, due to carbonization, which rips off the tiny hair follicles on the strands of wool and makes them brittle and ragged, causing the wool to be itchy.

The carbonization process also strips away all of the natural lanolin which keeps the wool soft and supple.

NO Carbonization Means:

- No harmful chemicals, with no presumed residues left in the wool
- Naturally resilient clean, beautiful wool, with lanolin intact
- Wool fibers are soft, supple and naturally clean, with good “bounce” so are a perfect choice for organic bedding.
- The wool we use is cleaned with hot water, bio-degradable soap and additional carders for optimal pure wool.


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